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School Books

All types of educational books for all your education needs!

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Uniform & Shoes

All types of uniforms & shoes one roof!

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Stationery & Bags

Variety of stationery & Learning materials available on the go !

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Science Kits

Learning By Doing is the best way to Learn, with DIY (Do-it-yourself) kits!

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Generic Products

All types of Products one roof!

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Our Benefits

Relief from Queue

Parents and students can order their
school Books,Uniforms & other
school supplies at the comfort of their home.

Reduced Inventory

All warehousing and packaging of
the school supplies will be done
outside the schools.

Subsidized Packing

The school can decide the price of
its package of books and offer to the
students at the best possible pricing.

Centralized Control

Plan My School allows you to monitor
and track the student's details and
the order history through a single login.

Individual Login

Each user gets a unique login, this
enables the user to order, track and
view history of activities performed at the portal.

Alternate Delivery Model

Automate the inventory and ease the books
distribution system of the school.

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