PMS Process Flow Overview

How to Login??

Enter City
Select School Name
Enter Mobile Number
Enter OTP

Process Flow

How to Purchase the Products from PlanMySchool??

1:- The User will have to visit the Plan My School web portal
2:- After that plan my school web site will open and look like.
3:- Enter your respective city in the Enter City option then the school in that city will automatically be displayed.
4:- After that enter your mobile number. After that an OTP will be sent to your entered mobile number.
5:- Now the users have to enter the received OTP and then the user will be able to visit Plan My School web portal.

6:- Now the users have to select the Particular Items type that what they want to purchase.
The Item types would be: 1. Books 2. Uniforms 3. Bag & Stationery 4. Science Kit.
These items types are shown on the top side of the web page.
Also the users can purchase through the Package in which the users will be able to purchase the collections of different types of items inside the single package.

7:- Now the users have to go to the BUY button to buy the particular products.
Or they can add the multiple items into the cart also. The users can purchase the multiple items inside the single Package.

8:- After clicking into the Buy Now Button the web page will open like this
Now the user will have to select item size of what they wanted to purchase or they can add the selected items into the ADD TO BAG Button for future or if the users wanted to purchase later.

9:- After that click on the BUY button then the users will be directed to the given web page:
The user can also change the number of Quantity from the QTY Option in the same web page. It basically helps users to not place the multiple orders of the same products.

10:- After selecting the items the users have to click on the Place Order Button to place the order of the items.
The page will be displayed after placing the order as
Now after placing an order for the items the users have to fill the shipping address and Billing address details.
Shipping address details are contains the details of the items where the user wants to ship their products while Billing address details contain the details where the users will pay the bill for the products.

11:- Now the users have to go to the Payment section to make the payment of the products.
There are three modes for the payment process. These are: 1. Debit Card 2. Credit Card 3. Net Banking
Now Click on Proceed to Pay Button the users will be directed to the Payment Gateway and the fill all the details of the Card.

Once the payment transaction is made successfully user’s order will be placed and the ordered products will be shipped to the mentioned shipping address.

Order detail page will be displayed once the transaction has been done successfully
And the user will recieve the order details via sms and email.

To check the list of orders that user has made, user has to click on the MyOrder button.

To replace order, user has to click on MyOrder to view list of orders he/she has made, then click on replace icon to replace the ordre.

To Track order delivery status, user has to click on the track order button placed on header.

To edit user profile, click on the Myprofile icon placed on the right of the header.